The Donavan Cup Championship Series is a best-out-of-five (2013 was best-out-of-seven) series that determines the CHL champion. The series pits the Eastern Conference Champion versus the Western Conference Champion. The series has existed since the 1914-15 CHL season, when it was called the CHL  Championship Series

Donavan Cup Championship SeriesEdit

Numbers in parentheses in the table indicate the number of times that team has appeared in the Donovan Cup Championship Series, as well as each respective teams' Donovan Cup Championship Series' record to date.
Donavan Cup Championship Series
Year Winning Team Coach Losing Team Coach Games Nolan Arriant Laurel
1915 Perry Lake Polars Rag McClendon Saskatoon Lynx Bud Binkins 3-0 N/A
1916 Whitehorse Broncos Perry Lake Polars 3-1 N/A
1917 Perry Lake Polars Calgary Cowboys 3-1 N/A
1918 Perry Lake Polars, Whitehorse Broncos Perry Lake Polars 3-2 N/A
1919 Saskatoon Lynx, Guelph Gators Saskatoon Lynx 3-0 N/A
1920 Saskatoon Lynx, St.-Jérôme Old Towns Saskatoon Lynx 3-1 N/A
1921 Perry Lake Polars, Moncton Spiders Perry Lake Polars 3-2 N/A
1922 Perry Lake Polars, Moncton Spiders Perry Lake Polars 3-0 N/A
1923 Calgary Red-Hawks, Thunder Bay Lightning Calgary Red-Hawks 3-1 N/A
1924 Perry Lake Polars, Thompson Kings Perry Lake Polars 3-0 N/A
1925 Calgary Red-Hawks, London Settlers Calgary Red-Hawks 3-1 N/A
1926 Montreal Voyageurs, Moncton Spiders Montreal Voyageurs 3-2 N/A
1927 Victoria Capitals, Georgetown Bulldogs Victoria Capitals 3-1 N/A
1928 Victoria Capitals, Perry Lake Polars Victoria Capitals 3-2 N/A
1929 Regina Icebergs, Paris Shamrocks Regina Icebergs 3-2 N/A
1930 Thunder Bay Aliens, Flin Flon Marauders Thunder Bay Aliens 3-0 N/A
1931 Victoria Capitals, Montréal Français-Canadien Victoria Capitals 3-1 N/A
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