Mississauga Dynamite
Mississauga Dynamite
Mississauga Dynamite

Team Name

Mississauga Dynamite


Eastern Conference (CHL)


Western Ontario Division


2012-2013 CHL season


Toronto Green Fares, Mississauga Dynamite


Valiant Energy Centre


Mississauga, Ontario

Media Affiliates

Splash Sports, Canadian Hockey League Broadcasting Network (CLUB'N) 1126 AM

Owner; General Manager; Head Coach

Valiant Engery, Sean Hannibal; Michael Helios; Brad Taylor


Jaden Jordan

Mississauga Dynamite (continued)
Mississauga Dynamite
Mississauga Dynamite

Minor League Affliliates

St. John's Grizzlies, Malton Missiles

Donovan Cups


McClendon Buckets



No information

The Mississauga Dynamite are a professional ice hockey team based in Mississauga, Ontario. They are members of the Western Ontario Division of the Eastern Conference of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). The franchise was founded in 2012 as Valiant Energy bought out the Toronto Green Fares in 2008. The play in the Valiant Energy Centre, which finished construction in April 2012. They have yet to qualify for a Donavan Cup Championship Series.

Franchise historyEdit

Beginnings (2008 to 2012)Edit

The Toronto Green Fares were bought by Valiant Energy from Duke Lamprey on February 22, 2008. Chairman Sean Hannibal spoke to Splash Sports about moving the team from Toronto to Mississauga on June 15, 2010, quote: "We think having a franchise in Mississauga will change the CHL...the little cities represent a large league now." The following day, Hannibal announced the plans to move to the CHL Committee, and the Committee agreed with his idea. On July 8, 2010, Valiant Energy was granted a permit to relocate the Green Fares to Mississauga.

Getting a permit, however, wasn't all Hannibal and Valiant Energy needed. They also needed a grant from the city of Mississauga, and they lobbied for 3 months to get one. CHL Commissioner Jazz Sheppard went to Mississauga to survey the land, and Hannibal and him agreed on a spot to build their new stadium, if they got a grant from Mississauga's municipality. They would get the grant for the Mississauga Dynamite on October 15, 2010, exactly five months after they starting petitioning for the franchise.

Lamprey, satisfied with the new team, decided that the Green Fares could have two more seasons in their hometown of Toronto. Toronto lawyers agreed, and so did the premier of Ontario, at the time, Dalton McGuinty. The city of Mississauga, which had been vying for a CHL team since the early days of the CHL, complied completely with this, even though this mean that the town would have to wait a couple more years before getting a professional ice hockey team.

In 2011, Valiant Energy posed a question to the Mississauga public "what should the name of the new CHL franchise be?" After three months of balloting, the final name, Dynamite, was chosen.