Roller Hockey Federation
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Sport Roller (inline) hockey
Founded November 13, 1996 (21 years), Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Commissioner Sean Simmons
Inaugural season 1996-97
No. of teams 22
Countries United States of America (17 teams)

Canada (5 teams)

Headquarters San Diego, California, United States
Continent North America
Most recent champion(s) Calgary Blackfeet (5 titles)
Most titles Calgary Blackfeet (5 titles)

The Roller Hockey Federation is a men's professional inline-hockey league centered in Boston, Massachusetts. It is controlled by the Canadian Hockey Association, but the coaches of the RHF have their own say in most matters. The league was founded in 1996, and is one of the longest running inline-hockey teams in the history of the sport. The league is run by a commissioner, but input comes from the 22 clubs' coaches and owners. The championship trophy is known as the Commissioner Cup and is given out to the team who wins the playoff rounds, which is known as the Showdown Series.

Current RHF ClubsEdit

North Division
South Division
East Division
West Division

League BeginningsEdit

The Roller Hockey Federation was based off of an idea by the first RHF commissioner, Regis von Geff. Due to the success and growth of the Rollerblade product, he decided to create a professional team using the skates. Von Geff gathered support from his three friends: Jack Olstein, Walker Crusner, and Sean Simmons, and officially created a league in the spring of 1996. The next step was to find cities willing to host a inline-hockey franchise. Of the cities they surveyed, only four decided to host a franchise. Those cities were as follows: Savannah, Georgia; Little Rock, Arkansas; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; San Diego, California (von Geff's home city).