Tennessee Freedom
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Tennessee Freedom

Team Name

Tennessee Freedom


Western Conference (CHL)


Southwestern Division


1995-96 CHL season


Tennessee Freedom (AHA), Tennessee Freedom (CHL)


Wilson Sporting Goods Pavilion


Knoxville, Tennessee

Media Affiliates

Splash Sports, Canadian Hockey League Broadcasting Network (CLUB'N) 1126 AM, The Memphis Daily News, Foxsports South

Owner; General Manager; Coach

Jason Masters;Theund Vemor;Allan Bourland


Zabin Freenman

Tennessee Freedom (continued)
Tennessee Freedom alternate logo
Tennessee Freedom

Minor League Affiliates

Brandon Zephyrs, Houston Glyde

Donovan Cups


Binkin Balls



The Tennessee Freedom are a professional ice hockey team based in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Wilson Sporting Goods Pavilion. Members of the Canadian Hockey League, they are one of the three current American franchises, with the others being the Helena Americans and the Surprise Tigers. The Freedom are part of the Western Conference's Southwestern Division. The Freedom were founded prior to the 1994-95 CHL season, and began play on October 2nd, 1995 at John Sevier Stadium. They won their first (and, to date, only) Donavan Cup Championship Series in 2018, in which they defeated the Hull Pirates in 5 games. By doing so, they became the first non-Canadian team to be crowned champion of the CHL


The Tennessee Freedom emerged in 1989, when American Hockey Association, at the time known as the American Minor Hockey League officials decided that the CHL needed another American team to rival the Helena Americans from Montana. A proposal was give for a city in Southern America, possibly a city in Florida, or Tennessee, which were the two states that had shown the most interest.