Toronto Green Fares
Toronto Green Fares 1962-2012
Toronto Green Fares

Team Name

Toronto Green Fares


Eastern Conference (CHL)


Ontario West


1962-1963 CHL season


Toronto Green Fares, Mississauga Dynamite


Air Canada Centre


Toronto, Ontario

Media Afilliates

Splash Sports, Canadian Hockey League Broadcasting Network (CLUB'N) 1126 AM, Toronto Star

Owner; General Manager; Coach

Valiant Engery, Sean Hannibal; Michael Helios; Brad Taylor


Jaden Jordan

Toronto Green Fares(continued)
Toronto Green Fares 1962-2012
Toronto Green Fares

Minor League Affliliates

St. John's Grizzlies, Malton Missiles

Donavan Cups


McClendon Buckets


The Toronto Green Fares were a professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario. They were members of the Ontario West diviision of the Eastern Conference of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). The franchise was founded in 1962 as an expansion team. They were bought by Valiant Energy in 2008. They played at Air Canada Centre. They qualified for 1 Donovan Cup Championship Series, winning 11999.


The Toronto Green Fares were founded during the 1962 CHL season as an expansion team. They were founded by Lego Armstrong. Armstrong, a millionaire who made his living as an entrepenuire, wanted a NHL team in Toronto to rival the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL. Armstrong was unable to get a grant for the team, but took his cause to the CHL Committee. Commissioner Dave Lester gave Armstrong the permission to start the team. The Toronto Green Fares grabbed their name from Armstrong's company, the Green Fares Train Co.