Valiant Energy Centre

Former names



2222 Lamesion Street, Mississauga, Ontario

Broke Ground

December 2, 2007


April 15, 2012


Valiant Energy Company


Valiant Energy Company

Construction cost

$300 million


Perryion & Sons

General contractor

Crastos Perryion, Jr.


20,122 (2012-present)

The Valiant Energy Centre is a sports and entertainment complex located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It opened on April 16, 2012, after almost five years of construction. It is commonly known by the Mississauga Dynamite players as the VEC, and among fans as the Blasting Cap. It is home to the Mississauga Dynamite of the CHL and the Mississauga Meteors of the Canadian Hockey League for Paralytics. It is also the largest arena in the CHL, JHO and CHLP circuit. 

The arena is currently owned by the Valiant Energy Company and their owner, Sean Hannibal. Valiant Energy also own the Dynamite. Since it opened in early 2012, in has hosted the 2011 CHL Awards Show and the 2012 Early-Comers Game. It has also hosted a Justin Beiber concert and an indoor motorcross event.


Construction began on the site on December 2, 2007. The name of the centre was propesed by Sean Hannibal after buying rights to the land the year prior (2006). City officials didn't approve of the name at first, because it was named after the company. But after a fan vote, the stadium was named Valiant Energy Centre. Many of the town citizens who had enough money began to buy up seats and even stones for the foundation of the stadium. Some days, construction workers could even take a little of a break because the people of Mississauga would come and lend a hand to build the arena. 

The stadium hit a roadblock in 2011.